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Welcome to the 2017 Ohio Extreme Spring Classic

Rules for the 2017 Ohio Extreme Spring Classic

General Rules
1. The Players/Coaches must present picture identification cards issued by the teams Federation
Organization Member (USYS, AYSO, US Club Soccer, other)
2. Teams must provide proof of approval of the teams’ participation from the teams Federation
Organization Member.
3. Teams from outside the State Association where the tournament is located must provide proof of permission to travel. Teams must be in good standing with their Federation Organization.
4. If a game is temporarily suspended due to weather problems, field conditions, or other situations beyond the tournament's control, each team (coach) involved must check with their site's tournament headquarters. Have players go their cars during a weather delay. No one will be allowed on the fields until the weather conditions are favorable to resume.
5. Coaches should bring medical release forms for each player to every game.
6. Each team will play a minimum of 3 games. A maximum of 2 matches will be played on any one day.
7. Spectators are not permitted on the Team side of the field or behind the goals.
8. All teams are required to clean up their sidelines after each match. Please keep our sites clean/green.
9. The tournament directors’ interpretation of the foregoing rules/regulations shall be final.

1. The Players must present picture identification cards issued by the teams Federation Organization Member (USYS, CLUB SOCCER, AYSO, other)
2. Teams must provide proof of approval of the teams participation from the teams Federation Organization Member.
3. Teams from outside the State Association, Ohio Youth Soccer Association North, where the tournament is located must provide proof of permission to travel. Teams must be in good standing with their Federation Organization.

B. FOREIGN TEAMS For a team coming from a CONCACAF nation:
1. Players must present passports at registration or, if from a nation that the United States does not require a passport, proof of entry into the United States that is required by the United States.
2. Teams are required to have and present player picture identification cards.
3. Teams must have a completed form from its Provincial or National Association approving the teams participation in the tournament.

In order to protect young athletes, the State of Ohio has passed a concussion law, commonly called the
“Return to Play” law. Therefore, all Ohio Tournaments are responsible to monitor and track compliance
with the concussion training requirements of the Return to Play law. Each coach (head coach and
assistants) must receive approved concussion training prior to April 26, 2013. See O.R.C. 3707.511(C)(1).
Tournaments are required to collect and maintain certificates of compliance from the coaches.

1. All coaches MUST complete the Concussion Training Course from either NFHS (preferred) or CDC and
submit a COPY of the completed certificate to the tournament. Both online courses are FREE of charge!
See the links for the Concussion Form after you CONFIRM acceptance (using your WSC #) on the forms

2. Coaches must also carry their certificate COPY of compliance with them during the event.

3. Coaches are also required per Ohio law, to have distributed a COPY of the Parent Concussion
Information Sheet to the parents of their team players.

If these 3 items are not satisfied, those coaches will NOT be able to coach at this event.
If a player is believed, by either a coach, referee or tournament official, to exhibit the signs, symptoms
or behaviors of concussion during the tournament, that player shall be prohibited from continuing to
play that same calendar day and may not play until they have received clearance to “return to play” by a
physician or other authorized medical personnel.
For more information on this new law, go to: http://www.healthy.ohio.gov/concussion.aspx
Team and Player Requirements
Age--Format---Ball Size--Max Roster---Max Guest Players---Game Duration Prelim’s----Game Duration
2009 - U8/U9-7v7-4-12--3--50 minutes---50 minutes
2008 - U9-7v7-4--12--3--50 minutes---50 minutes
2007 - U10-7v7-4--12--3--50 minutes---50 minutes
2006 - U11-9v9-4--14--3--50 minutes---60 minutes
2005 - U12-9v9-4--14--3--50 minutes---60 minutes
2004 - U13-11 v 11-5--18--3--60 minutes---70 minutes
2003 - U14-11 v 11-5--18--3--60 minutes---70 minutes
2002 - U15-11 v 11-5--18--3--70 minutes---70 minutes
2001 - U16-11 v 11-5--18--3--70 minutes---70 minutes
2000 U17-11 v 11-5--18--3--70 minutes---70 minutes
1998/1999 U18/U19-11 v 11-5-18--3--70 minutes--70 minutes

NOTE: The Tournament reserves the right to consolidate age groups. If we consolidate groups into an 11
v 11 age group we will allow teams in this age group to move to the other age group. We may have to
consolidate some divisions due to the lack of teams in some divisions.

The following roster limits include guest players. Team rosters will be limited to 18 players for teams
playing the 11 v 11 format except for under 15 thru adult teams that will be allowed to roster 22 players,
but will be limited to 18 players per game. Team rosters will be limited to 14 players for teams playing
the 8 v 8 and 12 players for teams playing 6 v 6 format. The Roster submitted at Tournament
Registration will be the official Roster for the Tournament and will be frozen and may not be altered. A
player may only play for one team.

THREE (3) guest players will be allowed per team. Guest player Rosters (yours or ours) should be
validated by your state association/country federation (if required by your association). Prior to the start
of each game the referee shall check that each player has a current Federation player card and coaches
(if required by your State Association) card. Guest players must have a valid player pass from the same
governing body that they are guest playing with.

Home team is determined by the tournament scheduler. The first team listed in the tournament
program (and website) is the home team. A maximum of 3 rostered and carded coaches are permitted
on the coaches’ side of the field. A minimum of 1 rostered and carded coach must be present at all times
during the game. Coaches will remain within 20 yards of the centerline on their half of the field, on the
side opposite of both team's spectators. Field marshals will communicate which side is the coaches’ side
if questions arise.
The home team will be responsible for using an alternate color uniform if necessary, and shall supply a
suitable game ball (as determined by the Referee) unless the referee is able to supply a game ball.
Spectators are not permitted behind the goals.
Player Credentials and Uniforms:
1. Player and coach picture identification cards are to be present and available at all matches.
2. Identification cards may be required to be checked by the field marshal prior to each match.
Identification cards will be provided to the field marshal prior to each game and held by the head
referee during the match. It is the coach’s responsibility to ensure return of the cards following the
3. Player’s uniforms shall have unique numbers.

Laws of the Game:
All matches must be played in accordance with FIFA Laws of the Game, except as specifically modified as
follows in the tournament rules:
a. Substitution Time: Unlimited substitutions for all age groups will be allowed with the consent of the
1. before a throw-in in your favor. The team in possession of the ball for a throw-in may substitute. If the
team in possession substitutes players, the opposing team may also substitute any number of players at
the same time.
2. before a goal-kick.
3. after a score by either team.
4. at half time.
5. After an injury, by either team, when the referee stops play.
6. After a caution, one for one by both teams, if the cautioned player is substituted.
b. Games will consist of two halves of equal length. U-9 through U-12 teams play 25 minutes each half
and U-13 through U-14's play 30 minutes each half. U-15’s and older play 35 minutes each half. The
Directors reserve the right to adjust game length for conditions beyond their control. See
Weather/Reschedule section below.
c. The game clock will not be stopped because of injury to any player, except if deemed necessary by a
tournament official. Due to the time allowed for the completion of all games, the clock should run
d. It is the intent of the tournament to provide a three person, diagonal system of control, for all 9v9
and 11v11 tournament matches; however, if deemed necessary, matches may be conducted with club
linesmen. Note: 7v7 games will utilize a one person referee system. Offside rule will not be enforced in
the 7v7 games unless the referee determines the offside position is obvious and intentional. Specifically:
If the Referee determines that the offside infraction was Intentional and Obvious, he/she may signal for
an indirect free kick for the defending team.
The intent is to ignore offside. However if a coach is encouraging a player to remain in the opposing
penalty area, shield a goalie or gain advantage by abusing FIFA & USSF Law 11 then the Offside
infraction can be called. The Referee’s decision is final.
f. A coach may coach more than one team during the tournament. The tournament makes reasonable
attempts to avoid scheduling conflicts; however, we cannot guarantee a game conflict will not occur
especially in event of multiple teams coached by the same coach making it to the final rounds. Coach
cards should indicate the team(s) to which the coach is associated.

Special U9 & U10 Rules for tournament
A. The opposing team must retreat behind the build-out line once the goal keeper has possession of the
ball in his or her hands. The opposing team must remain behind the build-out line until the ball is played
from the goal keeper from a throw, roll, or kick. The build out line will also be used to denote where
offside offenses can be called
B. Goal keepers are no longer allowed to punt or drop kick at the U10 or younger level.
e. For 7v7 matches: an indirect kick is awarded to the opposing team at the center spot on the halfway
line if a goalkeeper punts or drop-kicks the ball in the air from his/her penalty area into the opponents
penalty area.

BLOOD: A player who is either bleeding or has blood on her/his uniform shall be required to be removed
from the field and allowed to return only when in the opinion of the referee the bleeding has stopped
and blood removed from the uniform.

PIERCINGS: Players must be removed from any piercing, from any location on their body, prior to any

1. No overtime will be played during preliminary games.
2. Red cards will be administered as per FIFA laws of the game.
3. A player or coach sent off for a second caution will not be allowed to participate for the remainder of
that game and their next game.
4. Un-served Red cards and game report will be forwarded to their appropriate State or National

Balls used must be FIFA Approved.
The game ball size for U-09 through U-12 is Size 4 and the game ball size for U-13 and above is Size 5.

1. Shin guards are mandatory and must be of appropriate size and must be covered by a sock.
2. In the event of a color conflict, the home team (first team listed on schedule) will change color.
3. Hard and soft casts are permitted with the approval by the game referee if they deem that the cast is
properly wrapped.
4. The home team will be responsible for using an alternate color uniform if necessary.

For all age groups the Tournament format calls for three preliminary round games (round robin) with
Final Matches in each division. Divisions with 6 teams (2 groups of 3) and divisions with 4 teams (1 group
of 4) will play their Finals on Sunday. Divisions with 5 teams will play 4 preliminary games and the team
with the best record will be declared the champion.

The Coaches and Game Referee will sign the game card certifying the final score which will then be
delivered to the Tournament Headquarters. The Site scorer will be responsible for updating the
tournament website, which will be the official location for all scores and standings. Posted scores will
reflect a maximum goal difference of 3. Bracket standings, leading to championship play, will be
determined on the following basis:
a. Points
• Win = 3 Points
• Tie = 1 Point
• Loss = 0 Points
• The team with the most points wins the Group Standings and will advance to the Championship Game.

Match Schedules
The ONLINE Schedules are the OFFICIAL schedules of the tournament. We will NOT print a Program.
Each team will be scheduled for a minimum of 3 preliminary games. A maximum of 2 matches will be
played on any one day.

It is the intent of the tournament to provide a complete USSF certified referee crew for every match. If
necessary, club assistant referees or club linesman may be used.

Failure to complete a match, or a team leaving the field during play, will result in forfeiture. No team
that has forfeited a game will be declared a group or wild card winner. The team winning by forfeit will
be awarded the average number of goals they score in their other games, rounded down to the nearest
integer, (with a minimum score of 1-0). The opponent's score will be zero. This score will be the official
score in case goal differential is necessary. The Tournament Officials reserve the right to decide all
matters concerning a forfeit. If a team arrives more than 15 minutes late for a match the Tournament
Officials, at their discretion, may declare the game to be a forfeit depending upon the situation. A team
failing to field the proper number of players at the scheduled time, or at any time during the match, will
forfeit the game. All 6v6 teams must field a minimum of five (5) players, 8v8 teams must field a
minimum of six (6) players and 11v11 teams must field a minimum of seven (7) players. The scores of
forfeit games in this manner will be scored as described above in this paragraph.

Standings and Tie-breakers
No overtime periods will be played for Preliminary games. Each team will be awarded three points for a
win, one point for a tie, and no points for a loss. In the event of ties in the group standing, the following
procedure will determine the group winner:
In the event of ties in the Group Standings, the following sequence will be used to determine the group
1) Result of Head to Head game (2 teams involved in tie only). If three or more teams are tied for the
group lead, the result of head to head games
is not considered.
2) Highest Total Net Score for Tournament Games (Goal Differential)
Net Score = Goals scored less goals scored against.
A maximum of 3 goals per game will account for this purpose.
(i.e. For a score of 4-1, goal differential is 3 for the winner and -3 for the loser. For a score of 6-2, goal
differential is also 3 and -3 as
3) Fewest Total Goals allowed
4) Penalty Kicks (FIFA Laws of the Game) will be used when there is a tie to determine if a team is going
to the Championship Game. The
Tournament Directors will determine the time and location for the Penalty Kicks to be held.
5) Five Team Divisions will be played as Round-Robins. Ties will be broken by the criteria listed above.
d. Ties in Championship Games
Two (2) Five (5) Minute Overtime Periods played to conclusion for all age groups (no Golden Goals).
If, after the completion of both Overtime Periods a winner has not been determined, the game will go to

Penalty Kicks per FIFA rules.
Penalty Kick Elimination
When Final matches are still tied after overtime (see overtime times in the Laws of the Game above) the
FIFA laws of the game for Penalty Kicks apply. Only players on the field at the end of the second
overtime period are eligible for penalty kicks. Coin flip will determine who will go first (visiting team
calls). Five penalty kickers per team. The most goals scored after five kicks for each team wins the game.
If the score remains tied, teams will alternate shooters until there is an unmatched goal between the
teams. After all eligible players, including goalkeepers, on the field of play have taken kicks; teams will
start with their first kickers again and in the same order.

Games interrupted in the first half:
1) If the first half has not been completed and the game is stopped, every effort will be made to
complete the game, or play to completion of at least the first half and record the score as final.
2) Games shall be considered completed if the first half has concluded. The score at the stoppage of play
will be the final game score.

Games interrupted after the completion of the first half:
Will continue if time permits or, if time or other issues, as determined by the tournament, does not
permit the game to continue, the current score at the time when the game is terminated will be the final

Note: if necessary, game lengths may be shortened to accommodate scheduling requirements. It is the
responsibility of each coach to check Tournament Headquarters for any reschedule information.
In the event that rescheduling is not possible, and game cancellation creates a situation where teams
within the division are unable to play an equal number of qualifying games, the group winner will be
determined on the basis of awarding the average tournament points earned in the other games, to the
teams that were unable to complete an official game, followed by the tie breaking procedure if
necessary. The team with the highest average points will be declared the winner of the group. In the
event there is a tie which cannot be resolved by point averaging, the advancing team will be determined
by a coin toss, or penalty kicks, per FIFA as directed by the Tournament Directors.

Match and Score Reporting
Scores will be posted as quickly as possible. Coaches should report any discrepancies to Headquarters
prior to their next game.

Protests and Disputes
Protests must be presented in writing to the tournament site Headquarters within 30 minutes of
completion of the game and must be accompanied by a fee of $100 in cash. Referee judgment will NOT
be a basis for protest. Coaches wishing to file a protest shall notify the referee of this intention as soon
as possible but not later than 15 minutes after the conclusion of the game in question. The Protest
Committee's (Tournament Directors and Referee Assignor) decision is final.

Standards of Conduct and Discipline
Disciplinary action taken against a coach will be levied in the next game in which he/she coaches the
team playing at the time of the original infraction, or to the next game coached if the violation occurred
during the last game for that team. If additional behavior problems occur, the Directors reserve the right
to levy additional discipline up to and including expulsion from the Tournament.
a. All participants will be expected to maintain high standards of conduct during their stay. These
standards are expected of players, referees, and other guests in the hotels and motels; keeping noise in
the hallways to a minimum, refraining from kicking soccer balls inside any of the buildings, and being
respectful of the property of others. Should it come to the attention of the Tournament Directors that a
person (or persons) has failed to observe these guidelines; the Director reserves the right to take
remedial action. Said action, depending upon the circumstances, may range from a warning, a reduction
in points in the standings, or banning that team and/or all teams in its club from future participation in
the tournament.
b. There shall be no dissent between players and/or coaches and the referee. Questioning a referee is
considered dissent. All coaches are responsible for the actions of his or her spectators, specifically verbal
abuse of referees. Such abuse will not be tolerated! Violation may result in forfeiture of the game
and/or expulsion from further play.
c. Any player or coach ejected from a game will be ineligible to participate in the next scheduled game (a
minimum of one game suspension depending upon the severity of the offense). The player/coach card is
to be turned in to the referee headquarters immediately following the initial suspension game. If
dismissed in the last game, the player/coach card MAY be returned to the team if there is not an assault
associated with that card. In this case the player/coach card will be held and returned to the appropriate
state association.
d. Any player or coach who receives an accumulation of three (3) yellow cards must sit out the next
tournament game.
e. All coaches will remain within 20 yards of the centerline on their half of the field, on the side opposite
of both team's spectators. Teams will be located on the same side of the field. Spectators will be on the
opposite side.
f. Spectators may be ejected from the park for improper conduct, at the discretion of the tournament
officials. Artificial noise makers, such as air horns, bells, etc. are not permitted.
g. If field condition is such that there is a problem with interference by an outside agent; such as a tree
overhanging the field for instance, the play will be restarted with a drop ball.
h. Not permitted at our tournament sites include: alcoholic beverages, smoking, and verbal abuse.
i. PETS are allowed on the campus of Ohio Northern but MUST be on a leash at all times and you MUST
immediately clean up after your pet.

Persons ejected due to any of the above situations must leave the site immediately.

Report of Disciplinary action taken against any team will be reported to that teams provincial or:
A. For United States teams, the procedure for notifying the Federation Organization Member of that
team of disciplinary action taken or required will be followed.
B. For CONCACAF teams, the tournament committee will notify the US Soccer Federation guidelines of
disciplinary action taken, and that the Federation will transmit national association.

All Champions and Finalists teams will receive individual awards. These awards will be presented after
the final game at the Finals site.

Inclement Weather Procedures
The Tournament Committee and/or Directors reserve the right to delay the start of a game, reduce the
length of the game, or terminate a game. All teams must abide by the tournament weather/field
conditions policy. Head coaches only may come to the Tournament HQ only after the weather delay for
further information. In the event that the fields need to be cleared, one blast will be sounded by an air
horn. 2 blasts will signify the start of play after the delay. If games have to be canceled for inclement
weather, the result will be recorded as a 0-0 draw with both teams receiving 1 point. If a Championship
Round game must be canceled for inclement weather, the champion will be determined by using the
standard tie breaker procedures from above.

If the Tournament is cancelled due to events beyond the control of the Tournament Committee, the
Tournament will not be required to make any financial remuneration.
Final Rulings
The final interpreter of the foregoing rules and regulations, and also any matters not provided for in
these rules will be the Tournament Directors, who decisions shall be final.

By entering this tournament, every participant agrees to accept the jurisdiction of the Tournament
Committee or its members, the Ohio Extreme SC, its staff and employees, the Ohio Northern University
and their respective employees, the United States Soccer Federation, United States Youth Soccer
Association, and Ohio Youth Soccer Association North in all matters of dispute. No official, coach, club,
league, referee, player or their representative may invoke the aid of the Courts of any political or
governmental entity without first exhausting all available remedies within the appropriate affiliated
soccer organizations as set forth in these rules, the Constitution and Bylaws of the Ohio Extreme Soccer
Club, the Constitution and Bylaws of the United States Soccer Federation, the Constitution and Bylaws of
the United States Youth Soccer Association, and the Constitution and Bylaws of the Ohio Youth Soccer
Association North. For violation of this rule, the offending party shall be subject for all expenses incurred
by these associations and/or their officers, as appropriate, in defending each court action, including, but
not limited to, court costs, attorney(s) fees and reasonable compensation for all time and expenses.


Ohio Extreme Spring Classic

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